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There is no way you would wait until a specific time to purchase your plane tickets if you enjoy travelling. Your mind might be hesitant to make the booking, though, considering the current situation. As a result, altering or cancelling your ticket is made simpler with JetBlue's same-day flight change. By going to JetBlue's website and then signing into your True-blue account, you may finish the process. After checking in, select Manage Trips and then select the flight you want to cancel from Upcoming Travel. Before June 7, reservations made are non-refundable. Booking after June 8 will allow you to transfer on the same day without purchasing a new ticket. Read also:- Lufthansa Same-Day Flight Change Policy | Southwest Same-Day Flight Change Policy | United Airlines Same-Day Flight Change Policy | Delta Airlines Same-Day Flight Change Policy | Frontier Airlines Same-Day Flight Change Policy

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