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Dissertation writing rules Compliance with spelling rules is one of the formal requirements of the dissertation. In the case of works written in English, it is easier to follow those rules if you turn on the spell check feature of your word processing program. Academic spelling rules should be in the hands of all dissertation writers in order to choose the right solution when writing more complex spellings of institutional, personal, and place names, as well as dates and years. Notes and bibliography In the dissertation, thoughts taken from other authors are taken literally, in quotation marks, or only in excerpts (if you do not know which author to contact, it is always better to contact the company ( that employs the best of the best). They should be indicated in the notes. Notes should indicate exactly where to find the verbatim quotation or abstract taken from the idea. Required data: title of the cited work, time and place of its publication, page number of the cited thought in the cited work. In some cases, it may be necessary to include in the notes shorter comments that are not related to the topic, but are of interest, so says case study writer. Works mentioned in the notes should be listed in the bibliography attached at the end of the dissertation. Bibliographic elements should be listed in alphabetical order by author's last name. If the author of the work is not English, we will write the last name in advance, but then put a comma to indicate that we have changed the order of the names. There are several generally accepted methods for preparing notes and bibliographies, which can be found in reviews of textbooks and journals, and can also be seen in the works that essay authors have done ( who, if not authors, know better what and how to write. Several journals briefly summarize the formal requirements for manuscripts to be submitted on the last pages, as well as the recording method used. You can use any method known from the literature, the essence is in the consistent application of this note-taking system. More Information:

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