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Three separate courses fulfilling all desires.

Nothing is as precise as the knivesof our greenkeepers, who work daily to ensure maintenance and improvement of the heart of the resort – the 18-hole European Tour Diamond Course. They meticulously remove bushes and branches on and off the Fairways to facilitate precise shots – even from tougher spots. The short mown Rough, as well as the neat Greens, enable the best Golf, always accompanied by striking water hazards surrounding the centrally located 10-hectare lake. Enjoy the impressive Diamond Course and walk in the footsteps of European Tour professionals.

The family-friendly 9-hole Diamond Park Course – our Public Course – is the ideal place not only for beginners but also for the occasional after-work round. The sophisticated 12-hole Diamond Country Course calls for relaxed rounds throughout the week, and for a quick round during busy times. Both courses captivate players with their equally perfect conditions as our European Tour course. 

Diamond Championship Course.jpg
Diamond Championship Course
18 hole European Tour Course
(for members and guests)
Greenfee 2020
Monday - Thursday EUR 100,-
Friday - Sunday & Holidays EUR 120,-
Diamond Country Course.jpg
Diamond Country Course
12 hole "members only" Course
(for members and guests)
Greenfee 2020
Monday - Thursday  EUR 50,-
Friday - Sunday & Holidays EUR 60,-
Diamond Park Cours.jpg
Diamond Park Course
9 hole Public Course
(Public Course - no Handicap needed)
Greenfee 2020
Monday - Thursday 9 hole EUR 30,-
Monday - Sunday 18 hole EUR 50,-

COURSE RECORD: 63 - Matthias Schmid (GER) 29.06.2019

Mitglieder von folgenden Golfplätzen müssen einen Aufpreis von EUR 20,- am Diamond Course bezahlen:

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  • GC Frühling light

  • GC Perg-Karlingberg

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  • GC Dolomitengolf

  • GC Sonnberg 

Weiters sind Mitglieder folgender Clubs auf dem Diamond Course nicht spielberechtigt:

  • GC Golfdaddy

  • GC Oakwood

  • Golf Direkt

  • HSV Wienergolf

  • UN Golfclub

  • GC Marco Polo (Einstieger)

  • Ruhende Mitglieder

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