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Golf is not a game of luck.

Our well-equipped Diamond Golfacademy will not be the only place that will make you aware of that. Licensed golf pros work with and for you to ensure improvement in your play. Besides one-on-one training and group courses, our golf pros also offer analyses of your performance using Flightscope, Puttingsensor, and Trackman. Whether you are new to golf and are looking to learn the basics, or whether you are already walking in the footsteps of pro golfers – our highly motivated team is available for anyone who comes to the Diamond Golf Academy. At our Titleist Fitting Center, we offer club fittings so that you can find your ideal and most suitable equipment. 


Our Academy pays special attention to the training and development of children and youths to ensure that in the future also young golfers can follow in the footsteps of Bernd Wiesberger and others. 


Are you interested in taking 1-on-1 lessons or attending group courses with one of our golf pros? 

Please call us under +43 2275 200 75 or send an e-mail to  


We are looking forward to working with you! 

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Diamond Juniors
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